Why pay for a VPN?

You are maybe asking yourself the question why pay for a VPN service? There are also free VPN services available. This article is not to scare you, but to make sure you understand the drawbacks and possible security risks involved if you will use a free VPN. 

The main reason why we think you should pay for a VPN service is to make sure your privacy and anonimity is protected. Otherwise why even use a VPN service? It costs quite a bit of money to setup and maintain a worldwide network of VPN  servers. You need a datacenter, network, servers, internet connections, people to do maintenance and upgrades, etc. Paid VPNs provides better level of security and privacy in comparison to free VPNs. Also the bandwidth speeds are much more guaranteed and higher with paid VPNs.

Also keep in mind, that a VPN service doesn’t have to be very expensive. Go to the “Compare VPNs” page to find out more about paid VPNs and their features.

Drawbacks and security risks using free VPN services

So if a VPN is free what is the business model behind it? If you can’t think of one you are probably the business model yourself. In general there are a few drawbacks and security risks when using free VPNs. Here are some important things to look out for or understand:

  • Limited data caps, so you are limited on what you can download;
  • Limited bandwith, so the connection is sometimes (very) slow;
  • The free VPN providers may use trackers to track your online behaviour;
  • Sell your personal data;
  • Showing advertisements when using the VPN;
  • Unsecure connections by using weak encryption so that particular parties can watch what you are doing;
  • Very limited number of servers worldwide;
  • Limited geograhic restriction bypass;
  • Overload due to too many users;
  • No support.


There is a case of a free VPN provider, where the free VPN provider actually sells your unused bandwidth on the global data market. So they can use your connection. This is not only undermining the things you are accomplish but also extremely dangerous. What is even the point of having a VPN in this scenario?

When could you use a free VPN service?

It could be a possibility for occasional very light use or if you don’t mind the privacy and security risks involved. For example you’re in a different country on holiday and you want to access a geographicly blocked website from back home or bypass censorship. To be honest I cannot think of any more reasons. But if you have some more reasons please feel free to contact me.

Why pay for a VPN