On this website you can compare VPNs, learn the basics on what a VPN is and how it works. We also have some articles on advanced topics, like the kill switch features and always on in which we describe how these features work. We also have articles on which VPN service is best voor Android or iOS.

Compare VPNs

Why use a VPN?

The problem with the Internet nowdays is that governments, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and companies have become very good in invading your privacy. Also hackers have become more sophisticated and security breaches happen more often. That’s why it’s wise to protect yourself better on the Internet. A VPN can help you to stay anonymous and protect your data. A VPN has also some extra features so you can unblock geographic content like Netflix libraries in other countries or enabeling secure torrenting. VPNs are surprisingly affordable.

It is also good to know that ISPs often throttle bandwidth, which means limiting certain types of traffic, for example torrenting or streaming. Since VPNs shield your IP address, you can avoid being targeted by ISPs and your bandwidth will not be limited.

Most important VPN features

If you are new to VPNs you can check out the article What is a VPN or Top 5 features a VPN must have page. In the article Top 5 features a VPN must have we discuss the following features in more detail and make a comparison between the VPN providers:

  1. Servers and locations – It is very important that a VPN provider has alot of capacity in terms of internet speed and compute (server) power. It is also important to have VPN servers available nearby, in the location you live or where you want to break out.
  2. Compatible devices – Can you use the VPN software on your devices? For example Android, iOS, your router or SmartTV? How many devices do you want to connect simultaneous? Those are important questions to ask yourself before buying a VPN.
  3. Legal jurisdiction and privacy – It is import that you can trust your VPN provider and that your data is not being sold or misused. Also the level of encryption is important to make sure your privacy and security is insured. Always choice a payed VPN over a free VPN because of privacy. It’s important that nobody can intercept your traffic.
  4. Kill switch and alway’s on – If you have a hiccup in your connection, the VPN client on your laptop, phone or tablet can block all or some of the traffic. The VPN can also be switched on automatically when switching between networks, this features is called alway’s on.
  5. Unblock geographic content – One of the major reasons for many people is to unblock geographic content like Netflix, Hayu, HBO or Disney+ libraries, TV networks like ESPN, Channel 4 or other sport channels.

Top 3 VPN providers

Here you can find an overview of the VPN providers and their characteristics. All the providers are located in privacy havens, which means their governments cannot force them to give customer information. The providers also all have a worldwide network of servers, top class encryption, unblocking of geographic content features and they support various devices and operating systems.


Surfshark is a VPN provider founded in 2018 and based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Surfshark has grown massively over the last years. Surfshark is a trustworthy VPN provider which dilvers a very competitive and good VPN service for a reasonable price.


NordVPN was founded in 2012 and based in Panama. NordVPN is one of the major VPN providers in the market. Besides general use VPN servers, NordVPN also offers servers for specific purposes, like P2P sharing, connecting to the Tor network or double encryption. NordVPN offers a fast VPN service.


ExpressVPN is a VPN provider founded in 2009 and also based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). ExpressVPN is the oldest and largest of the 3 VPN providers. ExpressVPN was the first to develop some of the features like RAM-only servers. ExpressVPN is known for their military grade encryption and advanced privacy features.

If you want to compare the VPNs in more detail, please go to our detailed comparision page to find out more.

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